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For the past 5 months, I have featured a special adoption family every month that inspire me!  I share their story, their adoption video and inspiring quotes from mom or dad or siblings.  I am praying that more adoptive families join the team and we can start expanding to other countries… from A to Z.  If you are interested in being part of my Crazy Family Adoption Team- I want to show off your family for the entire month. Your video can be a photo slide or combo.  The length does not matter, but as a suggestion- under 5 minuets is ideal. (however, my videos are about 9 min. ha) I need a February Family to step up to the plate and inspire.  Email me.

I want to thank the Alexander family, the Johnson Family, the Oatsvall family, the Rovang family and the Weimer family for allowing me to share your story with my crazy readers.

Here is an example of two types of adoption videos- I create my iDVD videos on MacBook.


Our Adoption Journey to Ethiopia from Kari Gibson on Vimeo.

Photo Slide-

Journey to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from Kari Gibson on Vimeo.

I can create your iDVD adoption videos (PHOTOS ONLY) for $20.00 (includes shipping) Your Crazy Adoption Video. 100% of proceeds will go directly into our adoption account.  Email me.

My Crazy Picks of the Week:

  • My friend Nikki – Blogs For A Cause- is one of the craziest coolest chicks I know- take a peek at her blog… One Tiny Starfish
  • The best new body scrub- this stuff is crazy… Caress Evenly Gorgeous with burnt brown sugar & Karite butter!
  • Here is some beautiful jewelry from Thanda Zulu... All jewelry is handmade by woman in South Africa.  All of the proceeds go back to kids in South Africa.
  • The most adorable cookies that I’ve ever seen and can’t take credit for. Stacey from Truly Custom Cakery made the cutest cookies inspired by The Decorated Cookie. These would make terrific cookies for any winter party. Visit her site for detailed instructions. Also visit The Decorated Cookie for more adorable melting snowman cookie instructions. [Tutorial+Snowman+Cookie+8.jpg]

Snowman Tutorial Part 1 (Cookie Dough)

Snowman Tutorial Part 2 (The Cookie)

Snowman Tutorial Part 3 (The Icing)

Snowman Tutorial Part 4 (Decorating)

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