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Helping our kids (teens, too) be happy, healthy and motivated

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I have been deeply submerged in public education for over 25 years. I was an elementary school teacher for second and fifth graders in the inner-city of Phoenix, Arizona. This year, I have celebrated our son, Michael heading off to college, cheered on our daughter, Hannah in a brand new high school, and watched our daughter, Zoie fall in love with school as a brand new Kindergartener … but for the first time, I have been faced with the real-life challenge of doing exactly what I said I would do, be open to change.

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Moving, Ice Storms, and A Happy New Year Word

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Our family has been living out-loud our new year adventures starting off with big amounts of craziness. There is nothing fun about moving (in my opinion) but moving into a new home in a snow and ice storm has made the past month crazy! Join me for a NEW year of blogging and celebrating life together focusing on real-life issues with building a healthy marriage, growing happy and healthy children, cooking healthy (gluten free), letting go of expectations and experiencing real joy, as well as finding new projects together that are making a big difference in our world …

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