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Wednesday WOW: How To Really Have a Family Meal That Counts

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Y’all for several years, I’ve been posting yummy, easy-to-cook, semi-homemade meals for you on my series, Wednesday WOW. But, that’s all about to change. I wanted to combine a recipe with an added ingredient: A dash of something meaningful we can do with our families at the table or just doing life together! You can jump in and add your links to spice things up around here.

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5 Things You Will Need To Prepare Your Child For The Big Launch

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One of the biggest adjustments in my life as a parent has been finding the courage to let go and prepare my three super-kids for their big life adventures. Thankfully God gives us adequate time to grow into this new season of parenting. It’s not an overnight heart-explosion, but a slow process that takes years (and a lot of mistakes along the way) to learn how to let go. I don’t mean letting go of loving, caring, praying, supporting or nurturing, but really letting go and letting them launch into independence and growing up and leaving the nest. But, is it possible to love our children AND let them go?

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{Guest Story} Praying Through for Our Miracle

By | My Life Is Crazy Too, Parenting | 6 Comments

Three years ago Reese was diagnosed with a 22 Degree curve in her spine. “Please God. Please let us hear good news today. This appointment crept up on me too fast. I really need good news here.” That was my conversation with God on our way to the appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon last week. 6 months flew by and it was time for an X-ray to assess the progression of Reese’s Scoliosis. Kerry D’Ortenzio shares her beautiful miracle to encourage you, and inspire you to pray big! You don’t want to miss THIS story …. but don’t forget your kleenex!

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How To Love Your Selfie Inside and Out

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The pressure to look thin and beautiful is an ongoing issue so many of us moms and daughters face every day. We see it all day long on television, magazines, and movies. I look at my two daughters and wonder what they feel deep inside about how they look. They are both beautiful inside and out. I see their beauty, their dad sees their beauty, but do they see their beauty?

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Why Do We Pray for People Who Don’t Deserve Our Prayers?

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I decided not to publish my scheduled post today, but instead talk to you about something heavy on my heart. The past 48 hours our community has been grieving the loss of beautiful 10 year old Hailey Owens who was abducted walking to a friend’s house. Every time the Amber alert went off it pierced our hearts and we prayed she would be found… alive and unharmed. There are no words to express our heartache for the Owens family. Anyone and everyone needs salvation.

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How to Do It Solo (And Not Lose Your Mind)

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For the past 10 days, R has been on an extended business trip. Basically, he stuck two trips together with visiting our son at college in the middle. He’s done a great job calling every day, sending foodie photos of the delicious meals he’s consuming at a variety of amazing restaurants, filling me in on work stuff (making sure I know he’s working hard), late night FaceTime dates just so I can see his handsome face, and lots of “hang in there” love texts. But, I’m not very good at doing it solo.

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Born From the Heart {Book Giveaway}

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*Congratulations to Born From the Heart random winners, Erin Smalley and Jennie Salazar! I LOVE giveaways and since it’s a very special love day today, I’m throwing a 1 day giveaway for Valentine’s Day! There’s nothing I love more than books! I love books I can cuddle up and read with my children. A few weeks ago, I received a book to review and fell in love with the warm, quirky love letter for the adopted child. I’m giving away a new hardcover copy of this beautiful book- leave a comment to enter to WIN!

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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I love the month of February. You can almost feel the love floating around. It’s everywhere we look .. you can find it at Target, grocery stores, projects our kids bring home, commercials, and most of all Hallmark Valentine’s cards. We plan special date nights with our significant others and hope we can schedule a babysitter to make the night extra romantic. I’m also helping bring awareness to a beautiful love story @mercyhousekenya.

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