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{Guest Series} How I Embraced This Haiti Heart

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Hi my name is Rachel and Haiti first captured my heart 2 1/2 years ago when I was blessed to travel on my first mission trip. I’ve been able to take two more trips to Haiti since then. My most recent trip was with an absolutely incredible non profit organization called i’m ME. I am honored to serve alongside this awesome organization because of their bold love for the people of Haiti and their passion for creating an environment that fosters the value and worth of family, love and education.

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Look What’s New For Fundraising With Simply Love Kit (Easy Tees’y)

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Have you been looking for an easy way to fundraise without all the hassle, stress, and financial commitment it takes to raise funds for your adoption, mission trips, or orphan care projects? Well, look no further…. we have a brand new option for fundraising with Simply Love and Man Up called Easy Tees’y!! All you have to do is purchase the Kit (below) and hand the reigns over to us. We’ll take care of all your needs from A to Z with our new Easy Tees’y option!

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{Guest Series} What A Blind Girl Taught Me About Faith

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{Guest Series} I didn’t know what to expect during my mission trip to Alaska. I’ve been on two mission trips before to Haiti where I completely fell in love with serving the orphan, the widow, the desolate…the VOICELESS, where God is so big and so present and so precious that it is undeniable that every breath taken, every meal eaten, every hug given, every song sang, every spirit filled is SOLELY given by God. The Mighty, Sovereign God.

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#TBT Alexie’s Story: How I Survived Being Sold for Sex Trafficking

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My name is Alexie. My family sold me for sex trafficking, I endured severe sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, neglect, and abandonment by my own family. My family often took me to hotels and would sell me to people for sex. I was forced into pornography at a young age and the abuse happened by several family members on a weekly and often daily basis. This is my story …

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How To Make 14 Men With Leprosy Feel Whole Again

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I will never forget the first time I got kissed on the lips from an old man with leprosy. I remember thinking, gosh, can I get this hideous disease from a kiss? I honestly had no idea, but, ended up getting more kisses, hugs, and hand holding all week with the most precious group of men I had ever met in my life. I was in love. For $60 a month you can sponsor a Hope For Korah Elder. Learn more here …

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{Guest Story} I’m Doing It Afraid For God

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As I walked out of the airport doors and into the hot thick air taking my first steps on Haitian soil, my first thoughts were, “I’m ACTUALLY in another country…a third-world country!” I remember being in absolute wonder and amazement by how God had even gotten me there. How God molded me and prepared me all of those years before, as well as, strengthened my parents with just the right amount of peace and comfort to cover them while I was on my first of many adventures to come. God started breaking my heart …

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How We Can Serve Here, There, and Everywhere

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You want to start serving in your community, but you don’t really know how or where to start. You want to make a difference in your community, but you don’t really know what to do. Discovering what breaks your heart is the perfect place to start praying that God will reveal your heart-beat. I share in today’s post 3 simple ways to serve locally in your own community … wherever you live.

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