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Be A Super Hero!!Today kicks off “Be A Super-Hero” project on My Crazy Adoption! A few months ago, I was with my best friend, Julie and her adopted son, Cruz who loves loves loves Superman. Cruz was decked out in full costume and zipping around the house, much to his mommy’s delight. He gently tossed his Superman figurine and it smashed with super power against a beautiful glass artwork hanging over the fireplace. The frame KA-POW exploded in a million little pieces, narrowly missing princess Zoie who was mesmerized by the feat. Thankfully, our little super-hero was not hurt, but it planted an idea in my head. Every child needs a super-hero to love. The idea grew into a plan to challenge fathers, mothers, brother, and sisters to be a real-life super hero dedicated to protect, love, and defend the fatherless!

When I was a little girl, my favorite super hero was Wonder Woman. She was a princess with special powers to take care of people and to keep the world safe. She used her golden lasso to make people tell the truth, with magic bracelets to protect her. I can’t imagine the things I could accomplish with her cape and bracelets for children all around the world.

It is NEVER about us … it’s about the children we serve who are desperate for a family. I hope you grasp the crazy idea behind my project …. in NO WAY am I saying we are heroes for loving orphans. They need you, just like Metropolis needs Superman, Gotham needs Batman, to make a real-life, long term commitment to use your special gifts from the Lord to protect, love, and defend!!

“As children, we look up to heroes. We look to our heroes to be our role models. Heroes “save the day”. They give us a sense of security and wonder. That’s part of the appeal of superheroes. It’s a big world and kids are just little things.” Lawrence Rubin, Ph.D.

I found this great list of 10 Things We Can Learn From Super Heroes. I want you to apply this list specifically to James 1:27. We are all called to protect, love, and defend the fatherless.

#1 We can embrace faith– Superman

#2 We can accept responsibility– Spiderman

#3 We can make a difference– Batman

#4 We can sacrifice for the greater good- The Hulk

#5 We can champion justice– Iron Man

#6 We can overcome prejudice– X Men

#6 We can become more powerful- The Incredibles

#7 We can change human character with compassion– Wonder Woman

#8 We can help others– Aquaman

#9 We are more powerful in Teams– Batman & Robin

#10 We can accomplish huge feats– Hawkman

Taking your super gifts on the mission field:

When I started researching for this post, I found a lot of comparisons to real-life and super heroes. We have the opportunity to go on mission trips and make a real difference in the lives of orphans. I read a post recently about the impact of hurting not helping on a mission trip. I am standing strong (like Wonder Woman) with passion that there IS a place for short term missions.  I’m speaking up and challenging you to gain greater understanding before you make any judgements. If your goal is to GO and simply LOVE one another, you get massive opportunities to do that on a mission trip.  Don’t let fear or doubt keep you from going on a mission trip and serving. I encourage you to pray about it and allow the Lord to guide your steps. [I’ll talk more about THIS next week!]

Being a super-hero on a “Simply Love” [Visiting Orphans] Mission Trip – is to awaken the body of Christ to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the 163 million orphans by visiting them, loving them, and sharing the Father’s heart.

  • Superheroes Never Give Up- protect the fatherless at all costs!
  • Superheroes Always Get the Job Done- give 100% of your love, energy, time, resources!
  • Superheroes Are the Best at What They Do- bring your gifts, passions, and talents!
  • Superheroes Are Crystal Clear of their Mission- Go big. Love big.
  • Superheroes Are NOT Flawless- God uses the ordinary for His extraordinary purpose.
  • Superheroes Do Not Seek Glory- We believe that God has blessed His people so that they may be a blessing to all.
  • Superheroes’ True Strength Comes From Their Character- we believe God desires and gives us the ability to live pure and holy lives and defines this as visiting widows and orphans in their trouble and refraining from worldly desire.

Taking the Super Hero Oath:

Will you take the “Be a Super-Hero” oath to protect, love, and defend the fatherless? You can purchase the new Simply Love tees and make a bold statement to others as you live James 1:27.  The two projects I’m raising funds for with the sales of super-hero tees, is formula for Pignon, Haiti and the Pirates Digs A Well event on October 29th to complete the well in the village of Chuko Wayama, Ethiopia.

What is something you are doing to make a difference in the life of an orphan … I want to hear? (really I do)

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