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6 Ways To Help Kids Pray Through A Tough Decision

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We watched our teenager have really good days, and really hard days returning back home to the states. Heck, I was having good and bad days, too. It’s difficult to watch your child face uncertainties and even more difficult knowing how to help them pray through a tough decision. We challenged her to “pray through” and take the time to allow God to guide her (not us).

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How To Make 14 Men With Leprosy Feel Whole Again

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I will never forget the first time I got kissed on the lips from an old man with leprosy. I remember thinking, gosh, can I get this hideous disease from a kiss? I honestly had no idea, but, ended up getting more kisses, hugs, and hand holding all week with the most precious group of men I had ever met in my life. I was in love. For $60 a month you can sponsor a Hope For Korah Elder. Learn more here …

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Weekend Crazy Links I Love

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Just for you this weekend: Watch the sermon that rocked my world, adorable clip of two old women flying for the first time, best cleaning tips for busy moms, Jen Hatmaker shares, as well as several posts that really impacted my heart this week! I hope you enjoy and have a WONDERFUL Easter!

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Wednesday WOW: How To Really Have a Family Meal That Counts

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Y’all for several years, I’ve been posting yummy, easy-to-cook, semi-homemade meals for you on my series, Wednesday WOW. But, that’s all about to change. I wanted to combine a recipe with an added ingredient: A dash of something meaningful we can do with our families at the table or just doing life together! You can jump in and add your links to spice things up around here.

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Weekend Crazy Links I Love

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Here are a few of my favorite links this week: A documentary film about bloggers under scrutiny. Take a look at the trailer and read filmmaker’s wife, Casey Wiegand’s response blog post. Spring cleaning your finances, Jennie Allen shares being liked is overrated, taking care of your body for your husband opens up an interesting conversational-post and how to make Spring in an egg. I want to know what YOU think? Have a great weekend!

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{Adoption Guest Story} A Family’s Journey To India

By | Adoption | 2 Comments

We are Mike and Lori Pierce and have 3 children, two homegrown boys and once spicy girl from India. Our story is not anything out of the ordinary, but it is our story. Back in 2010, I lost my job. It was a good part of our family income. At the same time God placed some very good friends in our lives who just happened to have 3 beautiful children from China.

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