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This year brings big changes in my life with homeschooling, writing a book, juggling mommyhood, serving locally, and all the crazy stuff in-between that comes with a new God-adventure. A few months ago, a dear friend gave My Crazy Adoption blog a beautiful transformation from top to bottom and made things easier for you, my faithful readers to find current posts, as well as collected topics from the past six years of blogging about parenting, adoption, orphan care, and missions while our family served and loved big living in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Nicaragua.

Finding your way around the [new] blog:

The home page has a fun, modern Pinterest-type layout. You can read new weekly posts or catch up on a post you missed. If you’re like me, I love reading blog posts, but want things easy to find and explore. I have every single post I have ever posted located at the very bottom of the home page. (scroll down to check it out) The categories are listed in a column form, all you have to do is click on a category you want to read and the posts are organized by the dates they were originally posted. Categories include: adoption, missions, mommyhood, my crazy stuff, my life is crazy too (guest posts) orphan care, videos, and recipes. Also, at the bottom of the blog, I have listed 12 of my very favorite blogs I love to read every day. I’m always hunting for inspirational, funky, fun, outstanding blogs that make me want to click and read and enjoy. The tops tabs located on the home page are there to help you with quick information on Crazy Me– who in the world I am, Adoption 101– a one stop shop for anyone searching for adoption support, as well as a new form for emailing me. I love staying in touch and answering your emails to connect at a more personal level. The Simply Love fundraising kit is available to purchase for $79  to help you fundraise for adoption, mission trips, and  humanitarian projects … with easy-to-use tips to raise funds! With the download purchase of the kit, you have exclusive rights to use any of my Simply Love and Man Up designs professionally created to print on just about anything you can imagine! I encourage you to think out-of-the-box. My printing partners, Creator Design helps you from A to Z with all your printing needs.

The blog expands when you click on a post to read. The right side column shows my collection of partners, favorite links, tweets and social media icons. This is a great place for you to advertise your business or favorite links you want to share with my readers. Email me if you want to advertise on My Crazy Adoption blog.


Why do we blog?

The best blogs have one thing in common. The ability to share great content with creative conversation to inspire a life-change. There are millions of blogs out there to choose from and we can join our favorite bloggers and connect with their interests, passions, personalities, controversial topics; while challenging, teaching, motivating us to live life with beauty, love, courage, romance and curiosity. There are blogs I love to read daily, or visit occasionally when I see an interesting topic linked on my social media. There are many incredible bloggers who make their living blogging, or bloggers who (like me) who love writing and inspiring their audience with specific issues and topics. There are also fun, fluffy blogs that I enjoy reading just for the fun of it. The goal of every blogger.. connect, connect, connect with their readers.

My blog has grown-up the past few years from a place I shared family photos and personal stories, to a blog with a mission. I want to be a mobilizer that motivates, encourages, supports, and challenges my readers to make a real difference in this big world and live life out loud their God-adventure. I have had the opportunity to help others GO and serve and love all over the world giving away 7 free mission trips to Africa, China, Nicaragua, and Haiti. We are all in together. I can’t wait to share with you new projects, new mission trips, new giveaways, new ministries, and new adventures.

crazy links I love

How you can get involved and crazy?

One of my favorite things, as a blogger, is connecting with my readers. I want your story. My guest series, My Life Is Crazy Too, is a great way for YOU to share your story, your projects, your fundraisers, your favorite links .. and more. I read all of your comments and emails. I love being a cheerleader, an adoption coach, and encouraging you to … do it afraid. Stay connected with me daily on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and right here on My Crazy Adoption blog. If you like something you read .. pass it on and share it. This year, I’m praying for God to direct me to new projects and ministries making a difference in our world. You can get involved, too and join me in the craziness!

What is your favorite topic or material to read on a blog?

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