Adoption 101: Ethiopia Adoption Program

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Survey for U.S. Adoption Service Providers Placing Children from Ethiopia

The number of adoptions and the number of service providers in Ethiopia has greatly increased in the last few years, and uncertainty about existing laws and inconsistent policy among various agencies has caused confusion within the adoption community. Ethica receives numerous requests for information about agency practices in Ethiopia.

In the interest of advancing transparency in adoptions in Ethiopia, in February 2010, Ethica invited the 24 U.S. agencies that are licensed by the Ethiopian Government to provide information about their Ethiopia program by taking part in a survey.  Agencies were asked to complete all or any portion that they wished of a series of questions about their Ethiopian adoption program.  The deadline to provide responses was extended to March 25, 2010.

Ethica thanks those Adoption Service Providers who took the time to respond to the survey.  Ethica also thanks our volunteer, Andrea, for her tremendous effort in administering the survey.  Survey responses (.pdf)  are listed below by agency name and responses are published as submitted.

I wanted to thank Michelle for sending me this article- Ethica website.

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