Kari Smalley Gibson

Hi, my name is Kari and I blog weekly to encourage moms in their everyday life with inspiring, funny, encouraging stories on parenting, family, marriage, including recipes, guest bloggers, adoption advice, missions, and humanitarian projects.

I love the craziness of life, mommyhood, and loving big. The definition of “my crazy adoption” means many things to me personally. My life has been full of joy, challenges, miracles, and adventures. I’m adopted by God, married my high school sweetheart, blessed mom to three superkids, and wildly passionate about adoption, missions, and orphan care! In 2007, I started blogging and love sharing my life with you. I’m known as Mama Kiki (on the mission field) and it’s my desire is to be your cheerleader at any stage of your God-adventure.

I want my blog to provide support, encouragement, and hope as a wife and mom through the parenting years and your adoption process. I want to inspire you to live out-loud visiting and caring for orphans on the mission field. Check out my fundraising kit here if you want to learn more about fundraising for your adoption, mission trips, or orphan care projects with Simply Love and Man Up products.

kari and zoie

My site is faithfully updated weekly with interesting, thoughtful content. Relationships (with you) and connections with other bloggers have been cultivated all over the world. The readers at My Crazy Adoption are an interactive group of like-minded individuals who visit regularly, read, contribute their comments and participate in project events.

Respectful of reader’s time and always careful to share relevant content, My Crazy Adoption covers parenting, adoption, missions, and orphan care topics that relate to the theme celebrating love, mommyhood, and life with humor and encouragement and honestly.

In the everyday life category, I want to share my crazy life with you. I love growing as a writer and daily pray over my blog that it can be a site to allow women to gather and inspire to be exactly what God created us to be. I have met new girlfriends all over the world and want to make my blog a place to sit back and get to know each other. Kinda like a coffee date with me.

In the mommyhood category, I post about my life as a mom and the craziness of parenting three super-kids! It’s fun being a “mama” cheerleader and navigating together through the journey with humor, encouragement, and support!

In the missions category, I discuss the adventure of living on the mission field for 14 months in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Nicaragua and the life-changing lessons I’ve learned serving and loving big. What is Simply Love: to bless women and orphan’s heart, soul, mind, and strength by partnering with bloggers, adoptive families, and organizations to be a part of the solution of living James 1:27 by trusting steadily in God, hoping unswervingly, and loving extravagantly.

In the adoption category, I give coaching advice for every stage of the adoption process with practical tips and resources. I’ve been down this road, and want to help relieve some of the stress that comes from adoption a child domestically, internationally, or foster care. We are all in this together. I also offer an adoption fundraising kit, Simply Love to help you raise funds.

In the orphan care category, I share stories I’ve collected over the past five years from working with humanitarian organizations that care for the fatherless. I’ve hosted five mission trip giveaways, and sent seven people to serve orphans on a short term mission trip to Uganda, China, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua for free! I love doing projects with a purpose.

My Life Is Crazy Too is a series of reader submissions. Your life is a story – this is your opportunity to share stories about life, love, and mommyhood to provide understanding, hope, and compassion in the unique situations each of us face every day. “Your love, God, is my song, and I’ll sing it! I’m forever telling everyone how faithful you are. I’ll never quit telling the STORY of your love.” Psalm 89:1 f you would like to submit a story to this series, Email Me

In the Adoption Life LIVE category, I share one-on-one discussion videos with my husband, Roger Gibson.