A big dream you can’t refuse

I’ve been friends for 14 years with my bestie Julie Neal and she NEVER ceases to amaze me. She has adopted two boys from Ethiopia, and held my hand (both of them!) when were going through the process to adopt Zoie. She challenges me spiritually and was the one who didn’t think I was totally crazy when I shared we were quitting our day job and living in three 3rd world countries. She and her hubby opened up their home for two months and let our family of five live with their big family of seven. You can read about it here.

Julie obeyed God’s calling when He told her to dig a well in Chuko, Ethiopia (birth village of her son, Cruz) and never gave up! Her VERY famous brother could have helped her in a heartbeat, but she trusted God would do exactly what He said He would do and persevered. After fervently raising funds the past three years (200K) and gathering an army to help Dig Deep, the family celebrated in June 2013 the inauguration of the well project with a team of 25 mission-hearted people serving and loving big in Ethiopia. The village had never had clean water and NOW they having running water at six points, serving hundreds of people! This was a big God-dream and it’s been an honor to help my best friend make a difference in Chuko.

She could have stopped there, but she just couldn’t! “A village where it is an HONOR to earn an EDUCATION and where essential MEDICAL CARE is still just a dream. A land where DIGNITY is earned when a parent learns a TRADE.” Julie is now focusing her passion from water to building a school and medical center in the village.

This Saturday we are hosting a special silent auction event to raise funds for the medical center and school in Chuko, Ethiopia. Check out our new donation page & please consider helping us extend dignity to parents at risk of losing their children here
100% of the funds raised will go directly to building the medical center and school!

If you want to help share this project on your blog, the village of Chuko would be SO grateful!

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