4 Reasons I Co-Wash Zoie’s Curls

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Help… the winter has caused Zoie’s curly hair to be extra dry.  What is your favorite leave in conditioner or creme to keep things soft all day?  Leave your suggestions in the comments.  Thank you moms!

I’m sooo not a hair care professional, but I learn a lot about Zoie’s curls and coils reading Happy Girl Hair Blog.   This crazy hair guru blogger mentions co-washing in many posts, but I had no idea what she meant, so Mr. Awesome googled it last week.  I was surprised to learn I had been doing it all along and it’s really good for Zoie’s hair.  I thought it would be fun to have a little hair competition and find out what your favorite products are for curls, swirls, straight, thick, frizzy or wavy hair.  God gave all our darlings a unique crown of beauty!  I love mom’s advice about hair care.  I want to always be open to stretch and grow… just like sweet Zoie’s curly hair!

Zoie’s hair in the morning- dry, mushed up curls.

It’s a good Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Day.

Here’s what I found out about co-washing… I do this weekly on Zoie’s hair.

What is Co-washing? Co-washing hair means to “use conditioner instead of shampoo to wash hair. One would think that skipping the shampoo step when washing hair would leave it dirty, but the truth is that there is a small amount of detergent in hair conditioner.”

How do You Co-Wash Hair: To co-wash hair, you would “wet your hair in the same way as you do before you wash it with shampoo. Then you need to massage a liberal amount of conditioner into the scalp. Massage the scalp for several minutes. Next, you would put a plastic cap on your hair and take your shower while you let the conditioner sit. Finally, rinse out the conditioner thoroughly.”

What kind of conditioner do you use?

I juggle these 3 conditioners on Zoie’s hair- co-washing weekly, that make her curls soft and bouncy and smell beautiful.  You can purchase the products right here on My Crazy Adoption Boutique (right side bar column) or click here-

1.  Aubrey Organics – Honeysuckle Rose

2.  Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner

3.  Carol’s Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie

Here are four reason why I love co-washing Zoie’s hair:

  • Keeps Princess Z’s hair moisturized.
  • Keeps her scalp clean.
  • I can clean her hair all week without drying out her curls.
  • Helps retain her growth by keeping hair moisturized.

I never brush Zoie’s curly hair when it’s dry- always moisturize with products before brushing or detangling.

I keep a wonderful supply of different hair products that I simply love.  Breeze through My Crazy Adoption Boutique and purchase a few of my favorite things.

I simply love these Jojoba oils:

Zoie’s curls freshly co-washed and adorable in box braids & poofy pigtails!!  I rinsed out all the conditioner thoroughly and put jojoba oil and organic shea butter leave-in conditioner (I am just learning how to braid Zoie’s hair) but went a little crazy and put too much in for the photo… oops!

I have bloggy friends that have adopted all over the world… what hair products do you love & why and what country did you adopt from ? I have soooo much to learn- a life long student of Zoie’s beautiful hair.

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