11 Insanely Best Conference Picks & Spring Break Craziness

This week is Spring Break for all three of my kids. We are so happy that Michael joined us from college for a relaxing week at home. Our big plans include: sleeping in, being lazy, family dinners, relaxing and more relaxing. We might venture out to the movies and the climbing wall, but the only thing on my agenda is spending time with the kids and having fun!

We love being homeowners again, and have spent almost two months in our new home. We finally have a couch and chairs to sit on and the lawn chairs are back where they belong, in the backyard. It’s been challenge digging through boxes during the longest winter ever, but slowly we are filling our home with the treasures that have been packed away in storage for the past two years.

Gibson Kids

It was special getting my son’s new room ready for the break. I hit a great sale at Target and fell in love with Nate Berkus’ new line of bedding (just saying). In fact, when I asked Zoie to help me make his bed with clean sheets she replied, “No thanks mom, I have a life.”

For the past few weeks, I’ve been asking friends and researching some of the insanely best conference picks for 2014. I quickly realized there were hundreds of conferences and events out there for just about anyone and every topic under the sun.

What I was personally looking for were conferences to be inspired as a mom, a blogger, and growing spiritually. I’d love to know if you  have attended any of the events listed below and your recommendations. I can’t wait to pick a few to attend this year and hope I can meet-up with you, too! (I have included the name of the conferences and the individual links to view the event.)



Just For Women

The Good Stuff


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