10 Things Moms Want and Don’t Want For Mother’s Day

I have all three of my kids home this year for Mother’s Day! Last year, we were living in Nicaragua and I was missing my two bigs! They left for the states to spend time with family and left me a Spanish card and decorated the door of our casa with balloons. It was sweet and thoughtful, but having them here with me this year to spend time with, laugh hard with, kiss bunches, and give out endless hugs  means the world to me.

As I was thinking about what I wanted to share this week, I couldn’t just pick one, so I decided to collect the top 10 favorite mom links I found to celebrate Mother’s Day with you from all over blog land. These are all mom blogs, written by moms and regardless if we agree on how to parent, one thing we all have in common…we LOVE our kids!

Here Are 10 Things Moms Want And Don’t Want For Mother’s Day:

1. Moms will want to watch this little Disney tribute to us over and over and over again.

2. Moms don’t want this to happen to ANY of our daughters, just like this award-winning mom shared. #BringBackOurGirls

3. Moms want to celebrate our children in photographs that touch the heart of millions of people, just like this mom‘s photos did.

4. Moms want the perfect card that makes us feel like super-hero moms and so much more, just like this mom made.

5. Moms want help planning the best road trip to make every memory count, just like this mom planned.

6. Moms will want to drink these 4 iced coffee recipes to help keep us cool and zippy after a long day, just like this mom drinks.

7. Moms will want to run see this Mom’s Night Out movie, just like this mom did.

8. Moms will want to read some of these popular mom books, just like this mom read and reviewed.

9. Moms will want to make this cucumber lime punch, just like this mom made for a party.

10. Moms don’t want to set any of these 15 ridiculous expectations for our big day, just like this mom dreamed about. (but it would sure be nice just for one day!)

Here are a few things you shared with me about being a mom…

Tina said: One thing only??? I love when my kids reiterate something I have done for them. Ie; when Moses wakes up every morning, and I say “gooood morning my sunshine.” Now when he wakes up he calls out “mom, come. Mom sunshine awake! Sunshine awake come seeeeee.” Makes me smile everytime. Or how Rebecca rubs her thumb on my hand when we hold hands to pray. I guess I am doing a few things right. My best gift…. when I was crying oncr and Moses gave me hus favorite car in a attempt to make me feel better. And Rebeccas chalk drawing of me and her on the driveway.

Norma said: I love watching my 3 grow, seeing the kind of parents they are, their love for The Lord .. My favorite gift my daughter has given me is “friendship” can’t ever remember when I did not feel this.

Shala said: I love watching them learn and to see their curiosity. Also, I love their laughter.

Tracy said: I love watching Ian enjoy the simple things and how he has no anxiety or stress in his life and is so carefree. It’s a reminder to just let life stop and see what’s important. Best gift is when he says “mom, do you want to cuddle?” Fills me up!!

Mia said: When they say “I love you, too” or all the cute sayings that come from their heart!

Sheila said: I agree with Mia, Also when they are all grown up and they turn out Awesome, You as a Mom love to see them raise there own children, That is when being a Mom is a Gift, And seeing what they (We) went through ( good and bad) times are All worth it!

Jen said: Choosing just one thing is extremely difficult. But, the love I feel for my kids in and of itself is very rewarding and fulfilling, and has given me much insight into my heavenly Father. I find deep satisfaction in loving my kids simply for the sake of loving them. I don’t know that I’m making much sense. But I think it’s good to have someone to love, and a gift. Little people are just easy to love, aren’t they? With the cuteness and all?

What is one thing you LOVE most about being a mom? What is your favorite gift your child has ever given you? Leave some comment love.


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