10 Things I Missed Living In Haiti

I thought it would be fun to share the 10 things I missed most living in Haiti and serving with Haiti Home of Hope. These are meant to make you smile, not take too serious. We are grateful to live in the BEST country, America and appreciate the finer things in life, like flushing toilets and Target. 

#1. I missed Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper. In Haiti, we used non-soft, thin, blue tissue paper, with pre-made holes and the non-flushing option.

#2. I missed our King size bed with candle light romance. In Haiti, we had our bunkbeds and lantern lights glowing in our one-room studio.

#3. I missed our paved roads. In Haiti, we had miles and miles of dusty, bumpy roads roads, making every day a driving adventure.

#4. I missed the produce aisle at the grocery store. In Haiti, we could walk outside and pluck off a fresh orange, grapefruit, mango, avocado, and papaya off the trees.

#5. I missed warm showers with a privacy door. In Haiti, we took cold, open-aired showers in our own outdoor facility, including our little critter friends, Mr. Spider and Mr. Rat.

#6. I missed my 8 passenger van. In Haiti, we managed to pile on 8-10 people on the 4-wheeler to take trips to the village.

#7. I missed going to fast food restaurants. In Haiti, we could count on a delicious, slow roasted, chicken lickin’ good, home-cooked meal.


#8. I missed my front loading dryer. In Haiti, I used wire lines and had a fun time hanging our clothes to dry.


#9. I missed Starbucks. In Haiti, we had fresh roasted beans and french press coffee every morning and 3pm in the afternoon. The “coffee dates” with my girlfriends (Jennifer and Danielle) were so special.


#10. I missed waiting in the carpool lane for Zoie’s daily preschool pick up. In Haiti, Zoie got to ride around in style on home visits and adventures.


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