10 {Crazy} Reasons To Go Love Big In Haiti

I asked my extraordinary Visiting Orphans “Simply Love Haiti” team what was their very favorite things about their mission trip to Haiti and here’s what they wanted you to know:

  1.  It’s only a 2 hour and 15 minute flight on American Airlines to Port-au-Prince from Miami, Florida. Is that easy or what! (Kari)
  2. The endless opportunities to love. (Stephanie)
  3. The mango’s (hanging from trees) at Well-Being, the church service in Pignon, praying with different families on clinic day, home visits, seeing our witch doctor friend singing along with Jesus Loves Me on clinic day, the beautiful Haitian countryside, and above all the KIDS! (Susan)
  4. The smiles and endless hugs… The kids running down the road with us after the church service!!!! (Becky)
  5. The blankets of stars in the sky, hearing a bunch of little kids sing their hearts out in a shack church, unbelievable scenery, the blind woman singing on clinic day! (Sonja)
  6. I have to agree with the stars and the cacti fencing- very resourceful!!! I also think it is pretty amazing that so many women were able to live together for a week closely with shared bathrooms and limited food and not one person got disgruntled. There is so much to love… Jen’s facial expressions, I also cannot get out of my mind the forlorn face of the brother whose sister was in the witch doctor’s care… I can only imagine what his face looked like when he got formula for those babies and offered a job!!!! The singing… everything. Can we go back ???? (Ashley)
  7. I loved the singing in the little church! I have a video of that and I watch it everyday! The love, smiles and endless hugs from all the kids! (Jennifer)
  8. I loved watching the kids leave for school in Pignon in the mornings all decked out in their uniforms. (Becky)
  9. Watching the team walk into ministry opportunities daily and embrace every single moment with a big heart! (Mama Kiki)
  10. And my favorite was seeing how God used the talents of every member of our group through-out the entire week. The breadth of knowledge utilized through the various situations and projects was mind-boggling. (Becky)

This was just a taste of our 7 days in Haiti. We (the girls) talked late one night under our mosquito nets about how important it is to spread the word when we get home about our time in Haiti … to open eyes and hearts to come here and serve. Haiti needs you to come and love big! There are endless reasons you’ll fall in love, too! If you can love big, give hugs, pass out food, organize crafts, pound a hammer, hold hands, bring hope, pray, sing, and dare to try new things, you are EXACTLY what Haiti needs!

I’d love to know if you have any questions about going on a mission trip to Haiti … how can we (the team) help inform you about going, your concerns, fears, or anything!!!! We are NOT pros, but we fell in love with Haiti, so can you!

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